Prof. Dr. med. Nils S. Nowacki

  Since June 1st, 2017 we offer in the dental prophylaxis center in the
Rupertusstraße 1 Burgkirchen these new and interesting services for you:

Wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation:
Face, neck, décolleté, hands with hyaluronic acid and botox

Facelift without a scalpel:
Thread lifting (silhouette lifting), liquid lifting, 8 point lifting

Face contouring:
Nose straightening and compensation of deformities without surgery, lip styling - natural and type-appropriate lip contour and volume build-up. Filling in tired and disharmonious areas such as dark circles, drooping corners of the mouth, hollow cheeks.

Body Contouring:
Injection lipolysis, melting down of body fat deposits with simultaneous skin tightening.

Hyperhydrosis treatment:
if you sweat excessively on the head, armpits and hands.

Prof. Dr. Nowacki has devoted himself to the principle of helping people achieve natural, type-appropriate beauty that underlines their personality while at the same time preserving their characteristic features and their own identity.
Prof. Dr. Nowacki always offers its patients the highest quality and safest, but also the most innovative treatment methods of seriously applied cosmetic medicine.

Appointments on Friday and Saturday possible by arrangement.
Registration by phone: 0 86 79 - 57 90

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