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A beautiful smile can be so charming. Modern dentistry and dental technology can efficiently support you..

We are a team of five male and female dentists and offer overall dental care from one source: Surgery, prosthodontics, preserving treatment, implants, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, temporomandibular joint diseases, prophylaxis as well as homeopathy.

Group practice Dres. Rausch with colleagues

Dental Centre Burgkirchen Germany
Dental Surgery Burgkirchen
Rupertusstraße 7
84508 Burgkirchen
phone: 0 86 79 - 37 37
fax: 0 86 79 - 57 89
Prophylaxis Centre Burgkirchen
Rupertusstraße 1
84508 Burgkirchen
phone: 0 86 79 - 57 90
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